Dear Parents, Welcome to our school

We take this opportunity to give you a warm welcome to our nursery. Since 1994, when we opened our doors for the first time, our center have received hundreds of children, many of whom began to take their first steps, to say their first words or read the first few letters with us. Of these we keep fond memories, and we are moved to know that, as men and women, academics, professionals, they still remember their early years in the Jardín Seghers.

When we started 20 years ago, we were pioneers in Estepona in offering spacious outdoor play areas suitably adapted to our children, so they could enjoy for the whole year this wonderful weather of ours.

We are in a privileged and quiet area, Urbanization Seghers, located just outside Estepona, and very well connected to the town center and other residential areas. Jardín Seghers was set up by a group of professionals specializing in early childhood education, deeply involved in the education of kids. Aware of the importance of this stage in their development, we are convinced that an education based on values such as respect and tolerance is essential to lay the necessary foundations for their passage to their next stage.

As education professionals we aim to provide the necessary complementary training to the education that you already give your children at home, and wish for the school to be a second home for them. We hope this site will serve to strengthen the bonds between parents and our school, necessary as they need to be in order to achieve the main goals at this stage.

Moreover, we hope that this site will also serve as a window from which to follow the day to day of your children.

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letter from the DIRECTORS