CLASS: 0-1 years old

We use psychomotor techniques so that children can develop their fine motor and sensory skills, meeting their physiological and emotional needs.

CLASS: 1-2 years old

We undertake activities highlighting the development of the four areas of evolutionary development, not forgetting to bring forth and train creativity and imagination through play.

CLASS: 2-3 years old

The kids are in full quest of autonomy, and their psychomotor skills result in a giant leap and likewise does their socialization. At this stage, each child proceeds at their own pace and reaches their developmental milestones in their path. (We have two classes of 2 years)

CLASS: 3-4 years old

The most important goal we aim to achieve in this classroom is for the child to become the true agent of the teaching-learning process through play, music and creativity.

CLASS: 4-5 years old

The aim at this stage is to enable the child to reach the objectives through affection and self-confidence.

CLASS: 5-6 years old

The final objective in the classroom at this stage is to achieve a good integral development and self-esteem, brought about through respect, fun and love, to enable them to start a new cycle.


Are you thinking of targeting your son?

¿Why Choose ei Jardin Seghers?

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Team formed by professionals specialized in the field of education for children.

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We respect the character of the child and encourage life's values.

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Superb location with a large garden and own vegetable patch.

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Own kitchen, with daily preparation of the freshest, seasonal products.

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Few pupils in each class.

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Closeness and direct contact with families on a daily basis, with tutorials through the App, social networks ...

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A little big family.

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Learning methods in a comprehensive manner. Meeting the objectives aimed for every stage set by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

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