Seghers Garden

We have a fabulous interdisciplinary team composed of educational psychologists, teachers and experts in child education that make the greatest effort for the education of our young.



School Director and Infant Education Teacher

Mariquilla is in charge of the direction of Seghers Garden Nursery School and Mariquilla is infant education teacher.


Deputy Director of the School and infant education teacher

Master in Early Care. Master in Direction and Management for the quality of educational centers.

Since childhood I have been in constant contact with this center. It is an honour for me to follow in the footsteps of my great mentor, Mariquilla. I hope to live up to this great educational center. I have trained for this purpose with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Children are my life's passion and I am daily grateful for being who I am and working at the Seghers Garden Nursery School.

Theachers of 1st Cycle

“Small” Irene

Holder of Higher Diploma in Child Education

I am the oldest, 20 years working in the school. I love my job, I love my “babies” and I love watching them grow while they take small steps throughout their life at the Center.


Holder of Higher Diploma in Child Education

In which job do they welcome you every day with a hug and the best of smiles?

What work will give you the chance to live new experiences every day, and never to stop learning?

What work will let you be smeared with paint, the most fun of all?

When September begins, thousands of butterflies flutter in my stomach and when the end of June arrives you cry realizing that they must go, but with the satisfaction of having watched them grow and be part of this first stage of their life.

And the children, I will never forget them, because every single one of them will leave their mark on my heart.


Master in Infant Education (major in English)

Senior Technician in Infant Education and Infant Education teacher with a major in English.

If I were to look back I would without the least regret study again for the children’s education.


All those moments spent with each one of the litthle ones have led me to where I am now and how I have become, and I will be eternally grateful to them for this.

Few of us can say that we happily commute to their work, enjoy their job and realise our potential as a human being. I am fortunate for that. When having a bad day these children fix
it right away, with a glance, a smile, a hug … they make you forget all the problems.


Working with kids is a big responsibility, so I always thank the dads and moms for the trust placed in us as professionals of an educational team, and I wish to highlight the family unit that
has been created in our Nursery School and which has a great influence in this type of work.


Holder of Higher Diploma in Child Education

My job, my passion; since I started my studies to obtain the Diploma it was very clear to me what was my calling. My future would be tied to the kids in order to educate and love them. Every day with them makes me feel happier. To be able to be with them while they grow and to watch all their accomplishments make me proud.

For all this, I wish to thank each of the parents who have placed their trust in us all.


English Teacher and Holder of Diploma in Child Education

I find my work extremely rewarding, both in the years when I have been an English and support teacher and when I have been the teacher of a class.

The smiles and joy when I see them every morning is one of the things that make me want to get up to go to work.

I love being part of their lives, helping them grow as human beings in all aspects of life.

Teachers of 2nd Cycle



Teacher and Education Psychologist

This is my tenth year at the school, a decade already, time flies…, and am very proud to be a part of this great team; it is certainly the best part of my work.

I consider myself very fortunate to work here, because I think this is the best nursery school in Estepona.

My work is my passion, my enthusiasm and my true calling. I love these little monsters who accompany me every year, it is always a great adventure. I am very grateful to their parents for placing their trust in my work. I will keep trying to improve myself every year.



Infant Education Teacher

Every day there are new experiences, new teachings, new projects, new faces but I always experience real love. Love rare to find elsewhere, unconditional, sincere, TRUE.


Thus I wake up with a smile and keen to exceed myself each day so that the children come to regard the school as fun and not as an obligation.


I am grateful to the parents for their trust in me and for handing to me the most precious of their lives, their children; and of course I give thanks every day for being part of this great family, my family.

“Big” Irene

Teacher of 5 years old children and Educational Director

When you start a course, the objectives should be achieved with perseverance, hard work, creativity and enthusiasm.

All this is possible to achieve by combining, on the one hand, professionalism and experience and, on the other, discovery, joy, patience, curiosity and, above all, lots of love.

There is no better reward for a teacher to welcome and say goodbye to a student beaming his smile, because that is the only reason that makes us proud of our work. Good chemistry between the child and the teacher is the essential prerequisite for achieving brilliant results both in the present and in the future.

That is my struggle, that is my dedication and that is my life, because their happiness is also mine.

Non-teaching staff


School Cook

My name is Carmen and I am the cook of the School, well, not only the cook, sometimes I am a mother, sometimes their comfort or simply Carmen, a mixture of qualities which makes my job so amazing.

I’m not the typical cook secluded in the kitchen, who works to feed the children, but am also part of this family, where I not only put love into my dishes to meet my expectations in this project that we have in the school, but I also intend through them to reach the heart of each of my children.

Maria Jesus

Cleaner of the School

María Jesús is the cleaner of the Seghers Garden Nursery School