Development of knowledge AND skills
By means of the cognitive and psychomotor fields we help pupils fulfill their potential: knowing, knowing how, and being.
We teach from respect and FUN
Amid tolerance and through the practice of recreational activities, numerous benefits for children’s personal growth are enhanced.
We have Magnificent facilities
in our center we provide a large outdoor garden and endless materials (heuristic games, constructions, plastic arts …) to fill the kids’ lives with fun activities.

Nursery School in Estepona

Seghers Garden Nursery School opened its doors in September 1994, in one of the best areas in the neighbourhood, due to its location and easy access.

It is an educational center consisting of the two cycles of early childhood education. The first cycle, aimed at children between 0 and 3, and the second cycle, at children from 3 to 6.

We apply the basic principles that characterize the teaching-learning process in this first stage of Early Childhood Education, meeting the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of girls and boys.




0 Years

We use psychomotor techniques so that children can develop their fine motor and sensory skills,

1 Years

We promote the 4 areas of evolutionary development, not forgetting to education  creativity and imagination through play.


2 Years

The kids are in full quest of autonomy, their psychomotor skills result in a giant leap and likewise does their socialization


3 Years

The child to become the true agent of the teaching-learning process through play, music and creativity.

4 Years

The aim at this stage is to enable the child to reach the objectives through affection and self-confidence.

5 Years

Achieve a good integral development and self-esteem, brought about through respect, fun and love.


At our school, we aim to train our children with the latest pedagogical and technological techniques. Also, with our wish that their training should be integral and they be at the forefront of the requirements that a modern society demands for the new generations, we follow the highest quality standards.

¿Why Choose ei Jardin Seghers?

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Team formed by professionals specialized in the field of education for children.

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We respect the character of the child and encourage life's values.

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Superb location with a large garden and own vegetable patch.

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Own kitchen, with daily preparation of the freshest, seasonal products.

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Few pupils in each class.

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Closeness and direct contact with families on a daily basis, with tutorials through the App, social networks ...

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A little big family.

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Learning methods in a comprehensive manner. Meeting the objectives aimed for every stage set by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Owl night

We think of mothers and fathers and give them one night’s rest a month. Do you want to know when it will be next?

We will keep you informed of everything related to the school through our social profiles. You still don’t follow us?


Who better than our students to teach our school?

Our school has seven spacious and sunlit educational classrooms for the evolutionary development of the child (with W.C.s adapted to the child). We also use our own kitchen and a large multipurpose room with a digital whiteboard that is compatible with new technologies.

The exterior is designed to be natural learning spaces for the little ones. There are two fenced spaces, one assigned to the younger kids (1st cycle), and a larger area to those in the second cycle. There is a green area with a vegetable garden so that they are in close contact with nature.


Our professionals help each child to individualize learning by adapting it to their progress and goals. This is only possible thanks to the ratio we enjoy in each classroom, as the teacher devotes more time to each child, and so guaranteeing personalized attention.


Respect for diversity, kindness, tolerance, responsibility, empathy, gratitude, honesty, friendship and education with love are some of the values that we instill at Seghers Garden Nursery School.



Open From
07:30 h to 18:00 h


Avenida de los Frutales Nº 9
Estepona (Malaga)

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Age of children

Students from 4 Months to 6 Years
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We accept students throughout the year, provided there are places available.

What do the parents of the school think?

Mother of Sarah

From day one, when I left my Sarah with 5 months in your hands, I knew you were professionals. During this 3-year journey you have become part of our family. We will still see each other and share moments together, but I will always be grateful to you for having given so much love to my little one, and every morning getting her to step in with that smile and joyful face and not looking back. Thank you for leaving your mark by teaching from the heart

Mother of Miguelito

Thank you "seños" (teachers) of Seghers for making Miguelito smile every day when he talks about his beautiful School and for teaching him how to fly high and leaving your mark on his heart.

Mother of Juanito

This is a good occasion to thank each of the "seños" (teachers) for what they are doing for the children. We can start with Irene (in charge of the babies), always so attentive and affectionate. On to Blanca, who with a hug heals all ills. Yolanda, who awakens us quite early with her energy. Dolly, who just by coming in and looking into the eyes knows if the child is ill or if within a couple of hours she will call you. Teacher Katy with her English teaches us every morning how to have fun. Teacher Barbara always has a song to make their day. Alicia, what can I say to you, you are quite a surprise, my son is in love with you, and Teacher Irene of the older kids, it is impossible to show greater warmth. Thanks to Mariquilla and Blanca, you are great people, always taking care of our children; from my heart, I can only thank you. And Carmen who, with her delicious dishes we end up eating everything served, is the great grandmother of the school! Thank you for being around in the most difficult moments and helping me and aiding my son move forward by educating him with love and teaching him with fun. You are a great team!