Education Project


Seghers Garden

In Seghers Garden we want our children to be happy, responsible, committed and generous

Seghers Garden pursues a plural and inclusive education rooted in the environment and respectful of nature, and aims to contribute to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of our students holistically.

To do this we follow a constructive methodology, based on the development of individual skills, on the acquisition of healthy habits and the promotion of interests, feelings, behaviors and positive conduct that help and encourage our students to learn and discover.

In the Seghers Garden we want our little ones to be happy, responsible, committed and generous.


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We try to make our students enjoy the most during their school day. We have nice facilities filled with love and affection.

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We continually review our project because we are not solely dedicated to serve and teach our students. We are committed to achieving integral education and to make them immensely happy.

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We follow a constructive, participatory, active and global methodology, which uses games as a tool to teach our students.

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We lay a great stress on the ratio, and do not exceed a total 15 students per class.

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We promote the values of coexistence, coeducation and multiculturalism.

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We attach great importance to the participation of parents in the classroom. We are enriched by their ideas and suggestions.

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We strive for a constant evaluation which goes beyond the focus on children; which transcends the teaching-learning process; carrying an implicit commitment to the comprehensive education of our students.

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We take on innovative challenges such as English, incorporate new technologies and recognize our diverse reality, respecting each child in their maturation process and developing specific integration projects that add value to the educational task.

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It is our aim that the students acquire an academic level always in tune with Primary 1 at both reading and pre-writing. Achieving a good basis for addressing the Initial Exams of Primary 1, and always respecting the pace of each student through individual and personalized attention.