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Long Hours

The school hours at Jardín Seghers are from 9:00 to 17:00, and in order to help working parents, the center provides an extra-school schedule from 7.30 to 9.00 and from 17.00 to 18. 00 hrs.



English is every day widely present in our school since many of our children are English speaking. Each schoolyear we carefully choose our workbooks and material to impart English classes. Every day Kathy receives our pupils in English both within the teaching hours as on the playground or lunchtime.

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Our own kitchen

We offer meals in our dining room, and have our own kitchen, where Carmen, our chef, prepares rich menus that follow dietary and nutritional criteria tailored to the age and needs of our children.

Our kitchen follows strict health control measures as specified by the Self-Control System implemented in our school by the specialized company Romero & Navarro, S.C.

In the dining room we aim to achieve the full autonomy of the child: eating alone, sitting properly at the table and chewing food correctly.

Having our kitchen and cook at the Jardín Seghers allows us to tailor the menu to all types of special needs such as allergies and food intolerances.


Psychomotor activity

Psychomotor activities in our school occupy a prominent place and we pursue, together with our students, the following objectives from an early age:

1 To know and appreciate their bodies and to use physical activity as a means of exploration and enjoyment of their motor possibilities, of the relationship with others and as a resource to organize their free time.

2 To adjust and control their effort in order to reach a limit to their physical exertion appropriate to their abilities and the nature of the task to be performed, the fundamental guideline being the assessment of their effort, not the result achieved.

3 To solve problems that require mastery of basic patterns, by adjusting to the perceptual stimuli and by selecting movements, after assessing their possibilities.

4 To use their basic physical abilities, motor skills, their knowledge of the structure and functioning of the body to perform physical activities and to adapt movement to the circumstances and conditions of each situation.

5 To take part in games and activities to create balanced and constructive relationships with the other children, avoiding both discrimination on the basis of personal, sexual and social traits, and aggressive behavior and competitive attitudes.

6 To know and appreciate the diversity of physical and sports activities and the environments in which they operate, taking part in their conservation and improvement.


Lectures from parents

Parents of 5 year-old students in the Second Cycle share with us their experiences related to their professions, hobbies and experiences.

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Summer Course

During the months of July and August the School remains open to those who wish. We offer fun activities to keep the children busy when the parents are not yet on holiday, and we make all our resources activities available to them.


Grandparents’ Day

Every year the students of the 2nd Cycle delight their grandparents with a performance and invite them for breakfast. It is a magical day where everyone, young and old, greatly enjoy themselves.


In addition to working and learning a lot, at Jardín Seghers Kindergarten we also devote some time for excursions outside our school as a means to get to know the immediate surroundings and all the possibilities they offers. Some of our cultural and nature tours are organised to places like:
  • Fuengirola zoo
  • farm school “La Casita de Martín”
  • Selwo
  • Selwo Marina
  • Castellar zoo
  • Fire Station
  • Jimena Bird Park
  • Police Station
  • Theaters
  • etc..


We love organizing these short thematic courses that enrich our daily life with fun learning experiences. The Water Workshop, the ones for recycling, for driving education, cooking and sport are some of the favourites of our kids.


School Vegetable Garden

We have our own vegetable garden where, every season, our students sow, tend and collect fruit or vegetables, acquiring knowledge through direct observation. In order to achieve a good ecological awareness it is important to learn about the value of taking care of what we eat.


Educational Development

Through which our students will have, if they need so, curricular adaptations to their educational needs. We also offer academic counseling and family guidance for those parents who require so. We also provide our custom Tutorials.


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Owl Night

The CEI Jardín Seghers also cares for parents! One Friday every month, students and alumni of our school are invited to spend the night with us, and so their parents can take the opportunity to spend a little while with each other.


Cultural Week


Official Holidays and Celebrations

We work on the following dates, taking into account our local traditions:
Andalusia Day
Constitution Day
International Environment Day
Peace Day
World Day of Children’s Rights
Father’s Day / Mother’s Day
Book Day


End of Term Party

1st Cycle (0-2 years) | 2nd cycle (3-6 years) and Graduation



We celebrate all the birthdays of our students, because for them it is very special to celebrate them with all their classmates and teachers.